profile picture of roberta miller

Hi gang!

I’m Roberta Miller – soon to be Roberta Warzecha.  If I was still in school, I’d hate that my surname started with a ‘W’ – ya’ get called last for everything!  But I love this last name.  Besides the fact it has a ‘W’ and a ‘Z’ in it – how cool, I have another chance at sharing my life with someone special.

I was married for only 10 years – been divorced for 32!  So, I think it’s about time I give love another shot.  Never thought this would happen in a bazillion years.

I am a mom of 2, grandmother of 3 human darlings, grandmother of a beautiful canine named Maybe, and Mom to Latiffah my kitty.

I’m a vegan, love to travel, love finding treasures at flea markets.  I’m a Taurus so I can be stubborn at times.  And best of all, I became a Christian in November of 2017.

I’m new at blogging so if you have any tips, please leave a comment or two!  Thanks.